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South West Minorities Tours

Our tailor-made trips and stays in Yunnan, Guangxi and Guizhou

Also known as the Middle Kingdom, China now lives in 56 ethnic groups, of which the Han make up 92% of the majority but occupy only part of the territory. Although fewer so-called minority ethnic groups are present on a larger part of the territory. Some have kept their habits and customs, and sometimes have scripts and languages ​​of their own. The minority villages have begun to attract a growing audience that they warmly welcome. And that allows them to continue their traditions. In the Southwest, minorities are mainly composed of Miao and Dong.Here below is a small selection of circuits “Minorities Southwest”. All our tours in China are custom-made for individuals and private groups, so contact us by email so we can make you a proposal depending on the duration of your trip, your desires and your budget.