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Binglingsi Buddhist Grottoes - 炳灵寺石窟

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- Review updated on 26 septembre 2023

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Binglingsi Buddhist Grottoes

Binglingsi presents a vast collection of statues, engravings and paintings made on the cliffs and in Grottoes. Their difficult access saved them from the various waves of destruction of monuments and looting. It is accessed by boat through beautiful loess landscapes and cut-off mountains representative of the Yellow River Basin. Depending on the season, the river’s water changes from pale yellow to intense copper yellow (in autumn)Their construction began during the Wei dynasty from the north to the 5th century and continued under the following dynasties, many works were added in the 16th century. The oldest engravings are one of the first Buddhist monuments in China. One of the centerpieces is the sitting Buddha dating from the Tang and the reclining Buddha in a small troglodyte temple. many small niches contain refined works more or less well

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