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Introducing Jinan

Capital of Shandong Province, it is located in the west central part of the province. Less known and less attractive than Qingdao, Jinan remains a tourist city that attracts many Chinese tourists during holiday periods.

What to see in Jinan?

The Baotu source

Located in the heart of the city, the source Baotu is surrounded by a pleasant little park since 1956. It is the best known of the 72 sources of Jinan and according to the writings, has a history of over 3500 years … A temperature of 18 ° C is maintained by the source all year round.

The Heihu source

One of the 4 biggest sources with Baotu, Zhengzhu and Wulong.

Daming Lake

Natural lake formed from many sources, it is surrounded by a large park pleasant for walks. The 6 islands of Daming Lake are composed of flowers, trees and various pavilions. He is also known by Chinese sinners. North West of the lake is the Tie Xuan Temple built in 1792 in memory of a Ming Dynasty official. Northeast of the lake is the Beiji Temple, first built during the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) and restored many times.

Qianfo Shan Hill

Literally the hill of the thousand Buddhas. It is located in the south of the city and is 258m high. At the foot of the hill there is a large park where it is very pleasant to walk. Many Buddha statues are visible on Qianfo Hill, including the giant Buddha at the Northeast entrance.

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