Tai'an and Mount Taishan - 泰安 市

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Tai’an City and Mount Taishan pictures

Presentation of Tai’an City and Mount Taishan

Located in the west of Shandong Province, between Jinan and Qufu. The city itself is little known except for Mount Taishan.

What to visit in Tai’an area ?

Dai Temple

Located in northern Tai’an, the Dai Temple is a Taoiste temple. Built during the Han Dynasty, it was restored during the Tang and Song Dynasties. Covering an area of 96,000 m2, it houses several buildings and pavilions such as the Bronze Pavilion, the Iron Tower … This temple is the starting point for pilgrimages to Mount Taishan.

Mount Taishan

The most famous of the 5 sacred mountains of China. In the old days, the first thing to do for a future emperor before reaching the throne, was to climb to the top of Mount Taishan to pay homage to the land, the sky or the ancestors. It is said that 72 emperors from different dynasties made a pilgrimage here. Taishan abounds with relics, temples and shrines placed along the 6660 steps to climb to the summit.

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