Mausoleum of King Wang Jian - 王建陵墓

Pictures of the Mausoleum of King Wang Jian

Mausoleum of King Wang Jian

Wang Jian (847-918) was a Tang general in the region during the collapse of the Tang Dynasty in 907.He then founded Shu Kingdom in Chengdu during the period of “10 kingdoms and 5 dynasties, 907-960”, covering a territory including even southern Gansu and Shaanxi and western Hubei.While the rest of China and especially the central plain was plagued by wars and rivalries between local lords, Shu’s kingdom was renowned for its stability.This tomb is a unique historical and architectural testimony. The majority of the building was built above ground level unlike the majority of underground tombs at the time.In addition, the king’s imposing tomb is surrounded by refined sculptures representing a classical orchestra from the time of the “Five Dynasties” in full.Ticket price: 20 yuan per person.Access: By taxi for 10 yuan from downtown Chengdu.

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