Danba - 丹巴

Pictures of Danba in Kham Region


Jiarong villages of Danba

Tibetans of the Gongga ethnic group live in the plains such as Tagong , but in the valleys live the “Jiarong”.This people shaped the mountain and adopted its way of life by building terraced fields and steep roads. True labyrinths of plants and rocks, Tibetan villages “Zang Zhai” invite the visitor to get lost through trails and crops of corn.The centuries-old watchtowers still punctuate the landscape with their intriguing silhouettes.We propose you through our tours to discover the villages of Zhonglu and Jiaju ZangZhai, where you will share enriching moments of life with the locals. Seeming to float in the clouds, their impressive homes are out of the world although the Jiarongs have solar panels and complex irrigation system to ensure comfort. Despite this, the inhabitants are modest here and the amenities available are still basic.

On the road between Tagong and Danba:

If you have the opportunity to travel from Tagong to Danba, here is a short presentation of the monuments punctuating this exceptional trip:1. The stone forest of Bamei2. The valley of Huiyuansi Temple built 300 years ago, now inhabited by 300 monks. Built by the 7th Dalai Lama, the 11th lived there and his room is visitable (visit 45 min, entry free). A golden valley with wheat crops and peaceful yak marks the end of Tagong highlands before descending to the deep valleys on the Danba road.3. The valley of Mount Yala, superb view and possible departure of hikes.4.Just after, a torrent lined with hot springs, popular and free (bring towel / swimsuit).Ticket prices: Zhonglu – 30 yuan; Jiaju – 20 yuan.Access: Bus from Chengdu Xinnanmen Station or Chadianzi.

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