Tagong - 塔公

Pictures of Tagong in Kham Region


At the same time close to Chengdu and already in Tibet, here is the small miracle which operates in Tagong. This small Tibetan town, built around the Lhagang Monastery and surrounded by hills covered with meadows, is almost exclusively populated by Tibetans. The Yala Mountains majestically overlook the green plains.Tagong is an ideal place to discover the culture of this people, it is true threatened. But also, the point of departure to the meadows populated by the Khampas, nomads moving on horseback (or motorcycle!) According to the seasons following the herds of yaks.We invite you according to your desires on horseback or on foot. And why not, spend a night in the heart of a nomadic family in their tent. The small village of Manijiago, a 1.5 hour walk or a 20 minute drive, is a good trip.The Tagong festival brings together many nomadic families and inhabitants of the surrounding villages. There are demonstrations of skill of riders and races as well as various Buddhist ceremonies of prayers, dances and songs.

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