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Giant Buddha of Leshan - 乐山大佛

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Giant Buddha of Leshan

Giant Buddha of Leshan

The primary attraction is the seated Buddha. 71 meters high charged with appeasing the tumultuous waves of the three rivers meeting in front of him. Dug into the seventh century on the cliff, a drainage system inside its structure was specially studied which allowed its good conservation over the centuries.He is surrounded by two giant soldiers barely reaching his knees, which are visible only if you choose the twenty-minute boat ride, making a loop facing the Buddha and the meeting point of the rivers. With a little imagination, the mountain seen from a distance reveals the silhouette of a huge Buddha lying in the water!A walk of about an hour will take you down the cliff to the tombs dating from the Han era and the island of Wuyousi temple connected to the shore by a beautiful bridge.This beautiful Chinese temple presents an impressive hall with 1000 Arhat statues with different expressions.You can also visit the adjacent “Buddha Paradise”, where a multitude of Buddha statues of all shapes and sizes (different entry ticket) are displayed.Half-day or full-day visit, this park is full of secondary places that you can choose to visit according to your desires and the time you have.Ticket prices:Giant Buddha Park: 70 Yuan / person.”Paradise of 1000 Buddhas”: 40 yuan / person.Boat tour: 50 yuan / person (in addition to the entrance ticket)Access: Bus from Xinnanmen Station at Chengdu then Taxi or Bus No. 13 to Buddha.

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