Small Wild Geese Pagoda (Xiaoyan Ta) - 小雁塔

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- Review updated on 26 septembre 2020

Small wild geese pagoda

Built in the 6th century under the Tang Dynasty, the park surrounding the pagoda is very pleasant to visit. 43 meters high, the pagoda is made of stone and is less imposing than the Great Wild Geese Pagoda, hence its name of Small Wild Geese Pagoda.

There will also be fewer buildings, but more greenery.

Attached to the pagoda park, it has another small, more modern park that remains typical of the large Chinese gardens with the presence of a central pond, several small bridges and shrub paths. This park is very peaceful and will delight those who are looking for calm.

Useful information :

Plan 2-3 hours for the visit

Chinese Name : Xiǎo yàn tǎ – 小雁塔

Metro line 2, get off at Nanshao Gate 南稍门, exit A1.

Ticket prices : if the park is free, however, it will take 30¥ to climb the floors of the pagoda.

Opening hours : 9am to 4pm, Closed on Tuesdays.

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