Festival of the god of the home – Langmusi


A typical Tibetan custom, the feast of the god of the home or “home god festival” takes root in the warlike past of the Tibetan tribes. In the past the Tibetan territories and especially those of grasslands were divided between tribes who engaged in incessant wars. In the end, wisdom prevailed and all decided to establish peaceful relations. Thus all the weapons were deposited at the summits of the high mountains as offerings to the gods.

Since war is a men’s affair, women are not traditionally admitted to this festival and as a female tourist, locals may ask you to keep your distance and observe the festivities a little further.

What are the festivities?

On the day of the festival the men ride up to Mount Gehesu and carry wooden weapons and attach them with pieces of cloth to large piles already built up over time. They add small piles of Tsampa and yak butter as an offering. Then they ride in a circle around the hotel thus formed by throwing prayer papers. The ceremonies end by tying the standard prayer flags to the top of the pile of weapons.