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Chengde Overview

Chengde is 255km northeast of Beijing, in Hebei Province. This city was the summer residence of the emperors when the heat of Beijing became unbearable. Chengde enjoys a refreshing and temperate climate, due to the altitude. It is a village on a Chinese scale, where the pace of life is quiet, far from the stress of big cities.Emperor Kangxi used to come to Chengde in the summer or longer. The suspicious deaths of Jiaqing and Xianfeng in the eighteenth century tarnished the reputation of Chengde. The city was then accused of bringing bad luck. Japanese troops achevèrent almost plundering the city in 1933. The city resumed colors partly through tourism.The city of Chengde is a remarkable architectural ensemble. It is composed of an imperial residence, palaces and many Lamaist temples. Many buildings are in ruins but we can still see some vestiges of the past that could cross the ages. You can also find parks, lakes … Everything is there to spend a pleasant stay in the tranquility of Chengde.There are four distinct seasons in Chengde. It is cold in winter, dry in spring, rainy in summer and mild in autumn. The average annual temperature is 9 ° C. In general, we recommend visiting Chengde between April and October. Nevertheless, visitors will be able to admire the beautiful autumnal landscapes and the red leaves on the trees until mid-November. In winter, the landscapes covered with snow is also beautiful.

What to visit in Chengde?

Chengde Summer Palace (Bìshǔ Shanzhuang – 避暑山庄) It was under the reign of Emperor Kangxi in 1703 has been built this palace which is spread over 500 hectares and has the most imperial garden big of China. Composed of a temple and a palace, the Summer Palace was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1994.Putuo Temple Zongcheng (Pǔtuó Zong Miao chéng zhī 普陀宗乘之庙): Nicknamed the little Potala, this temple is a reproduction model of the Potala Palace in Lhasa (Tibet). It was built in 1771 and is the most famous temples in Chengde.Temple of Joy and Longevity Semeru (Xu Miao zhī mí Fuzhou – 须弥福寿之庙): built in 1780 on the model of Tashilhunpo Monastery in Shigatse (Tibet).Temple of Universal Peace (Pǔníng sì – 普宁寺): Built in the image of the monastery Samye (Tibet) in 1755 under the reign of Emperor Qianlong.

Where to stay in Chengde?

Staying in a good hotel is the beginning of a successful holiday. Indeed, a good accommodation can make your vacation even more exceptional … like a bad one can spoil a stay.The historic city of Chengde is full of places to stay. You’ll get something for every budget, from small B&Bs with unparalleled charm to the grand luxury hotels in the city center, near the main sights, or in the surrounding countryside. That’s why we have selected for you the best hotels in Chengde, combining comfort and quality of services.

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