Hainan Island 海南

Pictures of Hainan Island

Presentation of Hainan Island

Located in the south of the country right in the South China Sea, the island of Hainan is home to pretty little beaches still very wild.We often talk about the Chinese Hawaii to talk about Hainan. That’s why this pear-shaped island is now one of the favorite vacation destinations of the Chinese people.However, the island was used at the base of prison where were sent all those who would have tried to betray the confidence of the Emperor.Hainan is the smallest province in China but also the largest island in the country after Taiwan. It is 290 kilometers long and 180 kilometers wide.In addition to the many golden sand beaches as beautiful as postcards, the island is made up of tropical mountains, palm plantations and rice terraces.The traditional villages of Yi and Miao are also worth a detour to discover the culture of the first inhabitants of the island a little deeper. In addition, a large number of thermal springs have been built in the last 10 years. It is possible to receive body care, massages, but also to indulge in the pleasures of surfing.The nightlife is very developed on the island. There are plenty of bars, restaurants and nightclubs.The cities of Haikou and Sanya have airports connected to China’s major cities. Trains connect the island to Guangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai every day. Ferries transport trains to cross the ocean. The passengers then remain in the cars and can stop in Haikou, Sanya but also in Dongfang. The island is also crossed by 3 motorways: in the west, in the center and in the east. Every point of interest in the city is near one of these highways. They have been recently built and are in very good condition.

When to travel to Hainan ?

Hainan Island is on the same latitude as Hawaii and therefore enjoys a tropical climate. The average annual temperature is close to 25 ° C but in the warmer months (July and August), the mercury regularly exceeds 35 ° C. There are two seasons: the dry season in winter and spring and the wet season in summer and autumn. It is during the dry season that there are the least tourists. The climate is still very suitable throughout the year. It is always possible to swim and enjoy the joys of nature in Hainan.

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