Inner Mongolia

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Presentation of Inner Mongolia

Traveling in Mongolia and Inner Mongolia, is to meet the nomads of the wide-open spaces, these nomads who have known through the centuries, preserve traditions and respect for beautiful nature and itswide-open spaces. To share with them for a moment, through their daily lives, is to plunge into a millenary culture, between two worlds: Russia and Mongolia in the North, China in the South.Perhaps except during the summer period, when there are more travelers, Inner Mongolia has not yet become a popular destination for international tourists.She has a lot to offer. If the main cities (the capital Hohhot and Baotou) do not have the charm of the other cities of China, they remain a gateway to the vast natural spaces that make Inner Mongolia a relaxing and beautiful getaway: meadows and herds, deserts, temples and mausoleums … The province is the place where North cultures (Slavic and Mongolian) meet and Chinese culture.

What to do and see in Inner Mongolia ?


The tomb of Wang Zhaojun

One of the four beauties of ancient China and symbol of friendship between Han and Xiongnu (people of North China)

Dazhao Temple

It dates back to the Ming Dynasty (built towards the end of the 16th century). Don’t miss its superb structures, statues, frescoes …

The five pagodas Temple and its thousands of Buddha engravings …

The Xilamuren Steppes

100 km to the north are also the refreshing steppes of Xilamuren, where you can experience the life of Mongolian nomads and parties in which they participate. However, if the steppes of Xilamuren are the most touristy, a little further north are those of Gegentala and Huitengxile which allow to experience more deeply the life of these nomads.


The Genghis Khan Mausoleum

Still well surrounded by mysteries

The Kubuqi desert

(7th largest in China) which contains a real treasure, the throat of resonant sand, and much more: lakes, wetlands, rare birds …


The Tibetan-style monastery of Wudangzhao

Located 70 km northeast of the city, in the valley of Willows. It is worth the detour.


The Banner of Ejin

Between desolate landscapes, poplar forest and desert, the region of Ejin is located in the Gobi desert in the west of Inner Mongolia and on the border with Mongolia. It contains in its heart the largest poplar forest of the Euphrates (poplars of the desert) of the world, which adopts flamboyant colors in the autumn.The region is also full of heritage remains, as ancient cities located on the ancient Silk Road.It is possible to get there by plane from Xi’an (1h40 nonstop, 4h with stopover) or by train from Hohhot (about 16 hours).

Moerdaoga National Forest Park

The largest virgin forest in China located in northern Inner Mongolia, Moerdaoga owes its name to Genghis Khan, who fell in his time under the charm of the region. Fall is the perfect season to discover the national park, during which the forest takes on red and yellow hues. Winter is also a time when the region, covered with a white sheet, offers beautiful landscapes. The city of Moerdaoga (25 000 inhabitants) is an opportunity to discover the ethnic and cultural diversity of the region, between Hans, Mongolians, Russians, Tibetans …

How to get to Inner Mongolia ?

Accessible by train from Beijing (to Baotou) = between 10 and 17h (depending on timetable) and by plane via China’s main airports (with Air China, China Eastern and Hainan Airlines). But the best solution is to fly from Beijing to Baotou or Hohhot.

Tours in Inner Mongolia

The three main cities of Inner Mongolia are close to each other, which facilitates exploration. Baotou (the largest city in Inner Mongolia) is 100 km west of Hohhot, the capital. Ordos is 100 km south of Baotou.Inner Mongolia being a very large province, it is not particularly easy to explore every corner of it. It is possible to travel by train across the province. The circuits could then start in Beijing (plane, train or car).The easiest way would be to travel between the 3 cities and to visit points of interest in these and around.Example of a circuit: from Beijing , flight to Baotou then exploration of the triangle Baotou-Hohhot-Ordos for a period of about 5 days …

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