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City not to be missed if you go through Hong Kong. Whether for a day trip or a night on the spot, it's worth it!

- Review updated on 16 juillet 2024

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Presentation of Macao

Along the coast of southeastern China, Macao is a small town of 27 km² with special administrative status. Under Portuguese domination for almost 400 years, before joining China in 1999, Macao is still today largely influenced by the Lusitanian culture. Architecture and gastronomy are irrefutable proofs. But beware, on the half million inhabitants, 95% of Chinese people populate the city.The surrounding greenery, fresh air, cleanliness and local gastronomy have built Macao’s reputation as one of the most enjoyable cities in China! And it’s not the founders of China Roads who will tell you the opposite. Because over 10 years ago, that’s where the China Authentic adventure started !Many historic sites mark the corners of the city.Largo do Senado, the main square is surrounded by buildings whose architecture recalls the Portuguese Baroque style. Nearby are many shops of all kinds and jewelry stores. However, the city is best known for its casinos. Bettors and players have made their fief.It is good to go for a walk without any specific purpose in the small alleys of Macao to soak up the atmosphere. North of the city are the ruins of the wall and the fortress of Saint Paul. Nearby, the Macau Museum tells the story of the city.Macao exudes a certain charm with its many temples, churches and statues. The statue of the goddess Bodhisatta Avalokitesvara is also the perfect symbol of Chinese and Portuguese cultural mixture.Two beaches are also accessible from Macao, on the island of Coloane: Hac Sa and Cheoc Van.

How to get to Macao?

There are many ways to go to Macao. Several boats provide connection from Hong Kong or Shenzhen for example. From these two cities, it’s also possible to reach Macao by helicopter. The airport is connected to all major cities of China. Once there, we advise you to walk, bike or scooter. The traffic is busy and the city is not always very well designed for sightseeing by car.

When to travel to Macao ?

Macau has a tropical climate. It’s relatively hot throughout the year. Temperatures generally vary between 15 and 25 ° C. The humidity is quite high and showers are frequent in summer. The months of October, November and December are the best months to plan a trip to Macao.

What to see in Macao ?

Penha Hill

High 62.7m above sea level, it is the third highest hill in Macao. On the slopes of the hill, we can find many pieces of granite with inscriptions made by celebrities and scholars. At the top of the hill is the church of Penha built in 1622 and the masters house of Macao Catholicism built in 1935.

A-Ma Temple

This temple is one of the three oldest and best known in Macao. Built in 1488, the Temple is dedicated to the goddess Matsu. Heritage of the city of Macao, this temple was registered at UNESCO in 2005.

The ruins of St Paul

All that remains of the magnificent Macau church is a stone facade and a staircase. The church was built in 1602, made of “Taipa” and wood, brightly decorated and furnished.For more informations, please go to the Ruins of St Paul page

Senado Square

Short walk from St Paul to the city center through St Dominic Church, the Holy House of Compassion and the General Post Office. Senado Square is a pedestrian zone and was registered with UNESCO in 2005.


Macao is known in the world as the Las Vegas of the East. In 2008, total gambling and betting revenues amounted to 109 billion Patacas. Short visit to one of the most famous casino to try your luck.

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