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Nowadays classified as World Heritage by UNESCO, the Ruins of St Paul designate the facade of what was once the Church of Mater Dei (Church of the Mother of God) and the ruins of the University of St Paul , adjacent to it.The construction of this Catholic church began in 1602. Made of “taipa” and wood, brilliantly decorated and furnished, it became the largest church in Macau. Unfortunately, it was ravaged by a fire in 1835, which left only its large and beautiful facade, as well as its main staircase.Together, the ancient Church of Mater Dei, the University of St Paul and the Fortress of the Mount, were Jesuit constructions and constituted what may be referred to as the “Acropolis” of Macao.These ruins, so impressive, are today the symbol of the city and play the role of altar of Macao.A few years ago, the facade, over 27 meters high, threatened to collapse. It was then reinforced with steel bars. A museum was also built at the back of the site in 1995. It has a crypt containing the remains of the Japanese and Vietnamese martyrs. There is also a museum of sacred art which houses paintings, sculptures and liturgical objects.

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How to get to the Ruins of St Paul’s in Macao?

Ruins of St. Paul’s Address: São Paulo Street – MacaoOpening time :

  • Museum of Sacred Arts: 9h – 18h (except Thursday afternoon and closed on Tuesdays after 14h) / No entry after 17h30 – Open on public holidays
  • The Ruins of St Paul’s : 9h – 18h / no entry after 17h30

Getting there by bus : 3, 3X, 4, 6A, 8A, 18A, 19, 26A, 33, 101X, N1A

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