Taipa village

Some photos of the Taipa village in Macao

Presentation of the Tampa village in Macao

Visit the village of Taipa is to have a dive in the past of Macao. An extraordinary blend of Portuguese and Macanese, which will surprise you ! Even though luxury hotels and large casinos are established here, the charm of this colorful village remains intact.Here, you will contemplate pink, green, blue houses … These colors that we know so well in Portugal. Churches, old buildings and small temples make this village an ideal environment for a walk or bike ride. The colorful houses will only add a touch of the place.

360° photos and virtual tour

Find below several photos taken at 360° by our team allowing you a virtual tour of the place as if you were there!

Click on the photo then use the controls at the bottom of the photo to rotate the image 360°, then to access the other photos.

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