Extraordinary scenic tour of Hunan and Guangxi

A combination of amazing landscapes to see in China

The idea of ​​this tour is to connect Zhangjiajie by land to Guilin, two regions considered to be among the most beautiful in China. From the Zhangjiajie Forest Park, with its thousands of rocky pinnacles entangled in dense subtropical vegetation, you will descend further south towards long isolated regions mainly inhabited by ethnic minorities in villages out of time : Furong a Miao village hanging on the cliff of a waterfall; the ancient city of Fenghuang, the Dong village of Zhaoxing renowned for its wooden architectures, and Ping’an in the heart of the Longji rice terraces ranked in the top 5 of the most beautiful rice fields in China… An unforgettable journey of great diversity, which will end with the discovery of the famous karst landscapes of the Li River between Guilin and Yangshuo.

You will visit :

Customize your tour and experience

This program is an exploration of the most beautiful scenery of the region, but all is not fixed and can be customized. You can, for exemple plan to spend more time in certain places and add new sites to your experience. Ie : the Great South Wall, Fanjingshan, Bajiaozhai…

You will find these extensions in details in the attached PDF program file which can obviously be adapted according to your wishes, your budget and the time you have available.

Daily program: Extraordinary scenic tour of Hunan and Guangxi Download the PDF brochure

Day 1 : Flight to Zhangjiajie

Flight to Zhangjiajie in the evening. Welcome by your driver (without guide) then transfer to the South Mountain View Boutique hotel 3 * located near the river and the city center, with many restaurants nearby.

Day 2 : Zhangjiajie - Zhangjiajie National Park (B)

Meet your English-speaking guide then transfer to the entrance of the Zhangjiajie Natural Park classified by UNESCO since 1992. Travel within the park with shuttles included in the entrance fee. You will first reach the Bailong Elevator. With a height of 326 meters, this elevator is supposed to be the highest open-air elevator in the world. It takes 1.58 seconds to transport travelers from the bottom to the top of the mountain ridge. Visits to the Yuangjiajie sector (Halleluja Mt), a site offering magnificent viewpoints in the heart of lush vegetation, above vertiginous rock walls that served as inspiration for the setting of the movie Avatar.

Then transfer by shuttle (40 minutes drive) to the site of Tianzi mountain dotted with nearly 100 natural platforms and 2000 steep peaks and dozens of waterfalls. Impressive descent to the bottom of the park by cable car, between rocky peaks. Overnight in Wulingyuan at the 3 * South Mountain View Boutique Hotel.

Day 3 : Zhangjiajie - Zhangjiajie National Park

Choose one of the two options (if you want to do both, you have to plan an extra day on site. Consult us for the price):

Option A : Zhangjiajie National Park (Golden Whip and Glass Bridge) (B)

After breakfast, continuation of visits to Zhangjiajie Park. Hike along the panoramic path of the Golden Whip Stream (5.8 km) clinging to the cliffs and gorges, with a low-angle view of the rocky peaks. Then transfer to the Grand Canyon and the glass bridge. Crossing the bridge then descending on foot to the bottom of the Canyon (landscapes less impressive than the day before, and with many tourists on the bridge. Meet your driver at the end of the day.  Overnight in Wulingyuan.

Option B : With the night inside the park Yangjiajie :

Day 2 : At the end of the day you can watch the sunset when all the tourists have come down the mountain around 5:00 p.m. Overnight in a Guesthouses or small hotel near Tianzi (simple comfort, there is no approved hotel at the top of the mountains) (you can leave your big luggage downstairs with the driver or at the hotel in Wulingyuan). Overnight in Tianzi.

Day 3 : Wulingyuan – National Park (B)

In the morning, watch the sunrise from the “Arranging Battles” platform famous for its sunrises in the mist, then transfer to the YangJiajie area. Visit of the Hamlet of Wulong and Tianbo accessible by narrow passages between the gorges. Impressive descent from Yangjiajie to the bottom of the park by cable car. Shuttle and walk in the forest to the village of Huangshi. In the afternoon, continue on foot along the panoramic path of the whip of gold brook (5.8 km) threading its way between the rocky peaks (flat, also possible to make a return trip if you wish to walk less). Meet the driver and overnight in in Wulingyuan

Day 4 : Tianmen Mountain - Furong (B) ~ 3h drive

This morning reach the top of Tianmen Mountain by taking the longest cable car in the world (7455 meters). The mountain, 1,518 meters above sea level, is the highest mountain in Zhangjiajie. Short walk around the promontory, passing on glass walkways hanging on the cliffs, towards Tianmen cave and an arch made famous by a Russian pilot who crossed it by plane. Descent of the mountain by taking the longest escalator in the world, then on foot on a large staircase below the arch.

In the afternoon, drive to the old Miao town of Furong, hanging in an arc around a large waterfall, still little visited by Westerners. Overnight in Furong at the Tuwang Xing Gong Hotel, hanging above the falls. It is a large traditional Miao style building that clings to the greenery on the side of the cliff. Rooms with a breathtaking view of the falls.

Day 5 : Furong - Zuolong - Fenghuang (B) ~ 3h drive

This morning departure to the Zuolong gorges, less visited by groups. 2h00 hike on winding and steep paths between the faults of the gorges, dotted with small waterfalls, and rickety footbridges. Lunch possible in the Miao village at the top of the mountain with a villager. Return to your vehicle then continue to the old town of Fenghuang, center of the Miao ethnic minority. (If you don’t want to hike, the Zuolong gorges can be replaced by a visit to the Miao village of Dehang + 100RMB / Pers). In the evening, in Fenghuang you can dine in one of the picturesque restaurants overlooking the illuminated Tuo River. Night at the Riverside Homestay Jiāng Jing Hotel (at the foot of the river with balcony, breakfasts included served in a nearby café), or in a superior category on the heights of the old town overlooking the river at the Wang jiang Seclusive boutique inn, room with balcony (+ 250RMB / room + 33EUR /r).

Day 6 : Fenghuang - (Hongjiang or Mt Fanjiang) (B) ~ 3h30 drive

The bravest can get up early to see the old town without tourists. Lose yourself through the many small streets of the city. Then transfer by private vehicle to Huaihua station to take the speed train from Huaihua at 10:34 am, arrival in Guiyang North at 12:24 pm, then from the same train station fast train to Congjiang (13:32 to 15:09). Reception of your driver (without guide) at Congjiang station and transfer to the small village of Danian located in the heart of the mountains, in the “Miao Country” through the village of Fulu to cross the river to a region remained isolated for a long time. Installation at the Miao Country reception center and first discovery of the activities of the Couleurs de Chine association. This association helps children from ethnic minorities by financing their education. Overnight in Danian (standard comfort).

Or optional + 1 day : upload the PDF

Day 7 : Miao Country - Danian (B, L, D)

Today, trekking in the Great Mountains and villages, where ancient traditions have not yet disappeared and the traditional way of life has changed little. The excursion on foot along the rice terraces allows a concrete approach of the reality of the work and the life of the Miao and Dong peasants. You will attend rural work depending on the season (rice transplanting, handicrafts: embroidery, weaving, dyeing, basketwork, transporting wood in the mountains …). Depending on the day of the week and the dates, you can also join the children at the end of a school and accompany them on small paths through fields to their hamlet or village. All this can be discussed on site with the organizers. Overnight at Danian’s Inn.

Day 8 : Danian - Zhaoxing (B, L) ~ 1h30 drive

Return to Danian in the morning with other possible visits. Lunch then transfer by private vehicle to Zhaoxing, a beautiful village populated by Dongs and crossed by small canals and streams. Reception of your French-speaking guide and discovery of the many traditional constructions and its superb wooden architectures which make the reputation of the Dong people : Theaters of the Dong Opera, the 5 Drum towers built by each of the 5 clans of the village, the splendid Wind and Rain bridges. In the alleys and between the canals, craftsmen are active: basket makers, weavers …. Night in Zhaoxing in a traditional style wooden house (good comfort), the Indigo Lodge.

Optional (without Danian, with two days less): reduction of 1800RMB / Pers (-230EUR / Pers)

Day 9 : Zhaoxing - Chengyang (B) ~ 0h20 + 1h drive

Today with a guide, departure by vehicle to Tang’an for a hike from the village to Zhaoxing which offers a magnificent panorama over the entire valley. Perhaps you will be lucky enough to witness locals singing traditional songs which celebrate many circumstances of daily Dong life (not included). In the morning transfer by vehicle to Congjiang train station to take the train to Sanjiang. Meet with your new driver then depart for Chengyang, a village of the Dong minority (1h00 drive) renowned in particular for its large Wind and Rain Bridge 78 m long and surmounted by 5 elegant towers. Several bridges of the same type are found in the villages as well as large drum towers. Shows are sometimes organized by minorities. Overnight in the center of the village at the Dragon and Peacock Inn.

Day 10 : Chengyang - Ping'an (B) ~ 2h30 drive

After breakfast drive to the superb region of Ping’an and its rice terraces (2h30 drive). The Dragon’s Backbone is arguably one of the most beautiful rice terraces in all of China. Arrival below the village of Ping’an which you will reach on foot after 30 minutes walk. Visit the different around the Longji rice terraces. Accommodation in your wooden inn, the Ping’an Ridge inn 3 * (good comfort with air conditioning) in Ping’an.

Day 11 : Ping'an - Yangshuo (B) ~ 3h30 drive

This morning take a short walk around the rice fields of Longji towards the different points of view (approximately 1h30 to 2h00). Return to the village for lunch, then drive to the the renowned region south of Guilin near Yangshuo. For the following two options are available to choose from (same price):

Option 1 : Cuiping

Continuation in the afternoon to Cuiping hill to watch the sunset on one of the most popular viewpoints by photographers, but still little visited (20 minutes on foot). Then transfer to Yangshuo and your hotel The River Lodge 3*  with swimming pool..

Option 2 : Cave and Hill of the Moon

Visit of the Silver cave with its superb rock formations and continue to Moon Hill, a large pierced mountain, natural emblem of Yangshuo (observation from below or ascent possible on foot with steps that will lead you to the foot of the arch. 40min walk to the top). Then transfer to Yangshuo and your hotel The River Lodge 3*  with swimming pool.

(Note : The Silver Cave is beautiful but very popular with Chinese tourists, and crowds are often present in the cave)

Day 12 : Yangshuo - Xianggong - Xingping - Yangshuo (B) ~ 1h30 drive.

After breakfast, departure by vehicle to the superb Xianggong viewpoint. Climb to the top of the lookout point for a view of the hills and the UNESCO-listed Li River site. The vehicle will then drop you off 5km further at the start of a trail that you will take you on foot through citrus groves and small hamlets to the village of Xingping (1h30 to 2h00 hike). The path offers a beautiful perspective on the river. You will also visit a small temple nestled on the banks at the entrance to the Cave of the Snail where a few monks still live. Cross the river with the local ferry and explore the old Xingping street where you can have lunch. In the afternoon, take a short raft ride on one of the most beautiful portions of the Li River between Xingping and the hill of 9 horses, through small fishing villages, rice fields and bamboo groves (approximately 0h45 cruise ). It is a landscape of this portion that inspired the illustration of the Chinese 20RMB banknote. Return to Xingping village (optional for the fittest, watch the sun set on Laozhai hill, see Laozhai video, free entry, 30 to 40 minutes steep climb) then drive to Yangshuo and your hotel.

In the evening, its possible to see the “Liu San Jie” sound and light show, based on a very popular Chinese musical, directed by Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yimou. It takes place on the Li River in a beautiful natural setting surrounded by karst mountains (not included in the quote: 300RMB / pers in B2 comfort seat and transport). Overnight in Yangshuo.

Day 13 : Yangshuo - Guilin - Train or flight to another destination (B)

After breakfast, ride by bike (or by electric scooter with additional cost of + 80RMB / scooter, including for the guide) towards the wild cave perched which has remained away from tourist circuits. The climb is done in a fault of the mountain on steps cut in the rock. Superb view from side to side of the cave. Continuation by bike along the Yulong River, through sleepy hamlets, rice fields and fish ponds to the village of Jiuxian. Lunch in a beautiful inn in an old house in the village (at your expense). Return to Yangshuo after lunch where it is possible to make an extension to the Dragon Bridge or to make a loop in a real bamboo raft, without engine, propelled by a gondolier on the very bucolic Yulong River. Extra cost on site). Return to Yangshuo. Transfer to Guilin train station or airport.

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The price includes

  • Accommodation in hotels and inns equipped with a shower room, with breakfast every day (B = Breakfast)  
  • The lunches and dinners mentioned by the acronyms: L = Lunch, D = Dinner


  • All transport and transfers by private vehicle unless stated otherwise


  • English-speaking guide services from day 2 to day 8 in the morning, then French-speaking except on so-called “free” days


  • TGV trains 2nd class seat


  • Entrances for the visits mentioned in the program and in the protected areas, including the cable cars and lifts mentioned


  • The activities mentioned in the program (shows, cruise …) except options

The price does not include

  • International and local flights (we can offer you a rate on demand)   
  • Chinese visa fees & personal expenses 
  • Travel insurance and optional expenses as indicated in the quote
  • Tips for guides and drivers at your discretion   
  • Activities not explicitly mentioned in the program and options   
  • Lunches and dinners not indicated (see L ; D)
  • Personal expenses

Private tour on a 2 travelers basis – Flights not included – : 16400RMB per person, that is 2102€ per person

Private tour on a 4 travelers basis – Flights not included – : 12300RMB per person, that is 1577€ per person

Private tour on a 6 travelers basis – Flights not included – : 10900RMB per person, that is 1397€ per person

Single room supplement : + 2800RMB, that is + 364€

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He will answer all your questions about this trip.

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