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Anshun and Huangguoshu Waterfalls

Anshun is close to many very interesting small villages (Caiguan and its masked theater, the fortified village of Yunshan, Ganba and its white miao people, Shiqiao and its paper factory, the meeting of the miao “horn-bun” at Yanla, or the traditional villages of Qingkou and Maoying).On the old opium road, Anshun is now invaded by small stalls as you can discover on the dynamic wholesale market of small goods. The temples of Wen Miao (Temple of Literature) and Donglin have a unique charm. The small town is also regularly host to many festivals worth living, thanks to the countless minorities populating the region.

What to see in Anshun?

Huangguoshu Waterfalls

Renowned as the largest waterfalls in Asia, these waterfalls give you a spectacular view through the various passages of a tunnel cave or down the steps along the cliff. The park is home to a multitude of caves hidden behind waterfalls, underground rivers and waterfalls, in a surprisingly beautiful setting. The Bridge of Stars Park offers particularly enjoyable hikes through rocky tunnels and a stone forest on the water.

Longdong caves

These labyrinths of caves where an underground river meanders are an admirable masterpiece of nature, which will be told to you during a boat ride in this Dragon Palace.

Zhijin Caves

Each room of these majestic caves will leave you with a sense of admiration. The visit of this underground labyrinth is done on foot, accompanied by a guide who will let you discover the splendor of limestone formations in ever more unusual forms.

Miao Village of Suoga and its museum

This beautiful “horned miao” village is home to a Miao minority with a significant and imposing hairstyle, which earned them the nickname “long horns”. The traditional dress is worn daily by women, and they will be happy to show the stages of making their hairstyles. Finally, the architecture of the houses of wood and thatch is worthy of interest.

Beipan Jiang Canyon

The view from a 405m high bridge on this beautiful rocky desert is simply grandiose. Here, no cultivation crosses the rock, although one can see small terraces in pebbles in places, made by the villagers of the valley.

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