Guiyang - 贵阳

Pictures of Guiyang


Capital of Guizhou Province, Guiyang presents to these visitors some beautiful landscapes and interesting shopping areas, especially for gourmets, that the many night markets will enchant. For lovers of Chinese medicine and antiques, a market is held regularly in the city, and you can enjoy the benefits of a reflexology session.Qiangling Park and its magnificent path to the Hongfu Temple (17th century) give a more peaceful retreat after visiting the vibrant capital Guiyang.If you are a morning person, maybe you will see some locals practicing Taichi at Guiyang People’s Square.The city is also home to very old small pavilions, such as those of Jiaxiu, Wenchang or Cuiwei Yuan, which are worth visiting in Guiyang.

Nanjiang Xiagu Valley

Located at 1h30 from Guiyang, this beautiful valley, still uncrowded, is surrounded by waterfalls and is home to many small Bouyi villages, such as the village of Shuitouzhai, dominating expanses of rice fields and greenery.

Nanjiang He Gorge

This site offers a breathtaking view of a landscape of terraced crops. It can be reached by boat between the narrow cliffs, then on bridges suspended over the river, in which it is also possible to go rafting.

Former Qingyan Military Post

This village has some old neighborhoods very interesting to visit. Founded in the Ming Dynasty, Qinyan was once the stage on the journey of many cultures, which explains the abundance of religious buildings (Buddhist temples, Taoist churches, Christian churches, monasteries …).

Village of Xiangzhigou

In the valley, you can see the stone mills used to grind bamboo and make the pulp that will be used for religious offerings. It is possible to go on horseback to discover the valley from another angle.

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