Libo - 荔波

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Libo is a very small town bordering Zhangjiang, located in an area where nature is particularly flourishing.

What to see at Libo?

Daqikong Park

This park offers splendid walks between small hanging gardens and a tributary of the Zhangjiang River. You will meet in particular an impressive work of nature: a natural bridge cut in the limestone by the erosion. You can go back to the source, waterfalls in an obscure cave, aboard small boats.

Xiaqikong Park and Xiangshuihe Waterfalls

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and enchanting natural parks in the country, Xiaqikong Park enjoys the charm of its river winding peacefully between the old roots of the lush forest that hosts it. You will meet the falls and small waterfalls produced by the water, like those of Xiangshuihe where the water has created a magical world, in an environment of karstic rocks.

Yao Villahe of Yaolu

Yaolu is a village of Yao “blue pants”. The organization of the village is particularly interesting. You will see cages of singing birds, beloved of Yao, posted at the entrance of the houses. In the vicinity of the village, on the edge of a karst gorge containing a multitude of caves, the Yao have installed catacombs in the underground room that provided by a cave located in the cliff. You can discover coffins accompanied by loved objects of the deceased and paintings or symbolic sculptures.

Village of Shuifu

This shui village conceals many ancient burials dating back to the end of the 19th century among the rice fields.

Village of Dabian

The inhabitants of this village of 1000 traditional wooden houses are experts in horse breeding, which they use to work in the fields, and whose hair is used by women for some embroidery.

Nature reserve and karst forest of Libo Maolan

This reserve benefits from an ideal ecological climate for the conservation and the protection of the 2000 species occupying the site. The forest is lush with exceptional vegetation, mixed with a remarkable karst landscape.

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