Shuitouzhai - 水头寨

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Located in a beautiful valley, Shuitouzhai is one of the many buyi villages established along the Qinglong River. In the surrounding area, there are many things to discover: expanses of rice fields, tea plantations, villages, Buddhist temples and spectacular gorges.This stopover allows immersion in the life of the Buyi, a minority that lives mainly in the south, southwest of Guizhou and a holiday of happiness guaranteed bucolic walks, tea picking.In this region, the climate is very pleasant in summer, the average temperature is 24 ° C. Between early March and late April, rapeseed fields are in bloom.

Access to Shuitouzhai

1 hour 15 minutes from Guiyang Airport, the capital of Guizhou Province.

Accommodations in Shuitouzhai:

Indigo Lodge

Located in a peaceful countryside setting, facing the Qinglong River, surrounded by bamboo, in the heart of Buyi village of Shuitouzhai, this 9-room property invites you to a serene and peaceful discovery of this country so rich in traditions, you can dinners on the terrace while the herd of buffalo passes down.

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