Zhenyuan - 鎮遠

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The old town of Zhenyuan affirms a charm that deserves a visit. The city, more than 2000 years old and Han confined, is located on the banks of the Wuyang River. It is close to various activities such as visiting caves or water activities.

What to do at Zhenyuan?

Green Dragon Cave (Qinglong Dong)

This magnificent cave is 800 meters deep and covers an area of 30,000 square meters. The path is steep and full of mysteries. Stalactites are found in animal forms according to Chinese legends, and one can appreciate the quiet flow of the source from the cave. The diversity of meetings made through these Buddhist and Taoist pavilions encrusted in the mountain makes the visit of the site fascinating.

Hot springs of Jianhe

Jianhe hot springs are located in Wenquan Village, in the middle of the Miao and Qiandongnan Autonomous Prefecture of Miao Minorities. The reception of the local people is very warm and surprisingly surprising. The road to get to the sources is a real parade of splendid limestone rocks.

Descent of the Wuyang He River

The banks of the Wuyang He River are littered with magical rocks with unusual shapes and lush vegetation. It is possible to descend the river by boat through some of its gorges and coves, especially from Yongxi.

Dragon Basin

A 20min drive, then 5h walk, is the fascinating Dragon Pool and its blue and green water with a layer of fog on the surface. Mysterious, locals say that its depth is unknown.

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