Self Driving Tour in China – from Mongolia to Laos (22 days)

Self driving travel in China.
You will enter Mongolia and leave by Laos.
A trip in your vehicle that will make you discover China, from Beijing to Yunnan, through Sichuan.

You will visit :

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Daily program: Self Driving Tour in China – from Mongolia to Laos (22 days)

Day 1 : Ehrenrot - MONGOLIE

Your entry into China is through Mongolia.
After the formalities of the customs and the administrative authorizations, you will spend the night in Ehrenrot.

Day 2 : Ehrenrot

Day in Ehrenrot – customs formalities.

Overnight in Ehrenrot at Haifeng Hotel.

Day 3 : Ehrenrot – Jining - Grande Muraille Badaling 627km, 7h

Formality of license plate.
In the afternoon, departure to the city of Jining and discovery of the Great Wall of China in Badaling.

Day 4 : Grande Muraille Badaling – Pékin (354 km - 5h)

Today, you will take the road to Beijing.
You will visit the Ti’anmen square and the Forbidden City.

Overnight in Beijing at Long Palace Hotel.

Day 5 : Beijing – Datong - Taiyuan (344km - 6h30)

Today you will drive to Datong.
Datong is a city more than 2400 years old and retains its finest treasures. The relics of Yungang Caves and Hanging Monastery are symbols of the different cultures that have dominated the region over time.

Overnight at Datong at Taiyuan Hotel.

Day 6 : Taiyuan – Pingyao (383 km - 6h)

This morning, you will visit the Jin Temple and then the Qiao Family Residence before heading back to Pingyao.

Overnight in the ancient city of Pingyao.

Day 7 : Pingyao - Linfen - Hancheng (289Km-3h20)

This morning, you will enjoy a stroll to visit the ancient city of Pingyao. Take the time to discover this beautiful city of Shanxi Province. Listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site, it is one of the few cities in China to have preserved intact the remains and traditions of its history.
In the afternoon, take the road to Hancheng Town.

Overnight in Hancheng.

Day 8 : Hancheng - Xi’an (220 km - 2h20)

This morning you will visit the ancient city of Hangcheng and the old village of Dangjia. Then you will drive to Xi’an.

Overnight in Xi’an.

Day 9 : Xi'an

Today, you will visit the incredible Xi’an Terracotta army, then the Great Wild Goose Pagoda.

Overnight in Xi’an at Grand New World Hotel

Day 10 : Xi’an - Hanzhong - Guangyuan (447 km - 6h)

This morning you will go to Hanzhong and then to Guangyuan, the first city north of Sichuan.

Overnight in Guangyuan at Guangyuan Hotel.

Day 11 : Guangyuan - Chengdu (286 km - 4h)

Today, you will continue to Chengdu. The capital of Sichuan is considered one of the most enjoyable provincial capitals in China and many praise it. En route, you will visit the Sanxingdui Museum.

Overnight in Chengdu at Flower Hotel.

Day 12 : Chengdu

Day in Chengdu.
You will visit the Giant Panda Protection Base.

Overnight in Chengdu at Flower Hotel.

Day 13 : Chenggdu - Ya'an – Xichang (438km - 5h48)

Before leaving Chengdu, you will visit the Fuhu Temple. Then leave in your vehicle to Xichang. Upon arrival, you can enjoy the rest of the day for a walk along Qiong Lake.

Overnight in Xichang.

Jour 14 : Xichang - Lac Lugu (251km - 6h)

Today you will drive to Lugu Lake.

Overnight at Caita Hotel.

Day 15 : Lugu - Lijiang (219km - 5h)

Today you leave Sichuan to go to Yunnan, further south.
You will begin your stay in Yunnan with the charming city of Lijiang. You can go for a walk in the old town.

Overnight in Lijiang at Sanhe Hotel.

Day 16 : Lijiang - Dali (170km - 3h)

In the morning, departure for Dali.
Free day.

Overnight in Dali at the Landscape Hotel.

Day 17 : Dali - Chuxiong - Kunming (327km - 4h)

Today, direction Kunming.
The capital of the province is nicknamed the city of eternal spring.

Overnight in Kunming at Camelia Hotel.

Day 18 : Kunming - Forêt de Pierre -Jianshui (303km - 4h)

Today, you take the road to reach the city of Jianshui. Along the way, you will stop to visit the site of the Stone Forest, one of Yunnan’s natural heritage wonders. It consists of a set of karstic rocks in gray limestone.

Overnight in Jianshui at Huaqing Hotel.

Day 19 : Jianshui - Yuanyang (157km - 3h)

Day tour of Jianshui City. You can discover the beautiful garden of the Zhu family or the temple of Confucius.
Then you will take the road in the afternoon to reach the Yuanyang area, famous for its rice terraces. Without a doubt the most beautiful and spectacular you will visit during your trip to China.
Enjoy the end of the day to stroll through the rice fields and admire the sunset on one of the views.

Overnight in Yuanyang at Yunti Hotel.

Day 20 : Yuanyang - Jiangcheng (269km - 6h)

Today, you will visit Hani Village in Jingkou and the rice terraces of Shengcun Village. You will continue on your way to Jiangcheng.

Overnight in Jiangcheng at Jiangcheng Hotel

Day 21 : Jiangcheng – Mengla - Mohuan (230km - 6h)

After 185 kilometers, you arrive today in the city of Mengla

Overnight at Jinxiu Hotel.

Day 22 : Mohan - LAOS

End of your stay with China Roads – You leave China by Laos.

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