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Langmusi is located in a varied natural environment that makes it an ideal starting point for hiking or horseback riding. Mainly populated by Tibetans, the village is also home to a large Hui community and Goloks.Located on the border between Gansu and Sichuan, Langmusi has a temple in each of these province. The one in the Gansu province has several large halls surrounded by forest and is located on the hillside overlooking the village. At the top of it, its a heavenly burial site.The one in the Sichuan province is essentially a place of study because it includes several colleges. Going beyond it, you reach the entrance of the gorge, where many Katas are hung on trees and rock. Sacred caves are located next door but they contain nothing remarkable. Prayer mills turn with the flow of the stream.Many activities are organized around Langmusi such as sharing the life of a Tibetan family. You will have the opportunity to participate in the kitchen, mow the sheep, milk the yaks ..The festival of the God of the home is held every year around the end of July.A set worthy of the United States or Australia and aptly named “Red Rock Mountain” overlooking the entrance of the village. The source of the Silver Dragon River is also a popular excursion.

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