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Kaili - 凱里

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Kaili is a small town serving as a major platform for visiting the countless minorities you can find in the east of Guizhou. The city itself has a museum of minorities presenting their different costumes and traditional objects.

What to see at Kaili?

Miao Village of Langde

Beautiful village with an impressive traditional organization, in a sublime setting. There are regular performances on the main square.

Leigong Shan Protected Area

This mountainous area offers beautiful walks through a primitive forest, waterfalls and a multitude of small villages to meet the minorities.

Miao Village of Xijiang

This succession of five villages descending a slope towards a river, is the largest Miao agglomeration. Pretty hikes in the surroundings allow to better understand the organization of the village.

Miao Village of Fangpai

A saying says that the road to get to a destination is half the pleasure of traveling. This is indeed the case for access to this village, which is revealed after a panorama of terraced fields as far as the eye can see. We will recognize on the architecture of the houses the inspiration given by the flowers.

Miao Village of Taijiang

This important village is home to a big market every five days that will not only make you discover the arts and crafts miao, but also some very pretty streets. Lovers can also visit a small embroidery museum.

Gejia Village of Matang

The Gejia were classifying as belonging to the minority Miao, which was received by a discontent of the two ethnic groups who display a very different language and customs. Known for their expertise in batik costume making, Gejia villagers will always wear this traditional costume made of batik and embroidery.

Making a “grand cru” of green tea

In Yunwu, a village near Dunyun and its hills, is home to a grand cru of green tea: “fluff white tea”. Between the end of March and the beginning of May, tea is made in the village of Yangwang (7km from Yunwu), covered with tea trees.

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