Minority immersion in Guizhou and Guangxi (14 days)

At the heart of South West minorities !

This trip to Guizhou and Guangxi will take you through minority villages off the beaten track of Guizhou, through a myriad of amazing small villages like Jidiao or Kaili. You will hear Dong polyphonic songs in Zhaoxing, see an abundance of local crafts and explore villages with traditional architecture of more than 2000 years.
One of the specificities of this tour is a 3-night stay in the heart of the remote Miao country, around Danian, where you can still live to the rhythm of ancient traditions preserved, and discover on site the formidable work of the association “Couleurs de China”, which we support.
You will continue to Guangxi, through the beautiful Dongyang village of Chengyang, and the rice fields of the Dragon Thorn around Ping’an village, before ending up in the heart of the magnificent Yangshuo landscape of Chinese prints.

You will visit :

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