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Rongjiang - 榕江

Pictures of Rongjiang


Rongjiang is particularly appreciated for its dynamic Sunday market. You will probably see villagers from neighboring minorities (wearing their local costume) coming to trade in the city. But the Rongjiang region is also known for hosting a multitude of small authentic villages.

What to do at Rongjiang ?

Xiajiang Market

This fantastic market is a real meeting point for Miao and Dong villages. The road to your destination will let you see the many villagers climbing their boats to the Xiajiang Market.

Pingyong Market

Among the crowd of this dynamic market is a real cocktail of minorities Miao, Shui and Dong, wearing all their colorful costumes and traditional jewelry, which will surely make you spend a very exciting day!


This village along a river will reveal the highest Drum Tower in the region. The local life is pleasantly traditional: women wash clothes in the river in the afternoon in the shade of beautiful old trees, livestock roam freely in the streets.

Miao “short skirt” village of Kongshen

The particular costume of the Miao populating this village justifies the nickname of this tribe of “miao short skirt”.

Miao Village of Baibei

The charm of this small mountain village lies in its houses on stilts nestled against each other, but also in the colorful splendor of the festive costume nicknamed “miao feathered jacket of a hundred birds”.

Bameng pier

This small shui village enjoys water insulation in a natural setting of bamboo and banana trees.

Dong Village of Yintan

This small village hidden deep between the mountains and their forests of bamboo and fir trees is particularly preserved. The houses, bordering the stream, are of a very traditional style.

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