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- Review updated on 26 septembre 2020

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To the west of Hunan Province, the small town of Fenghuang has preserved an authentic charm and its customs and traditions. The roads to get there are in a bad state. From Zhangjiajie Airport, buses will take you to your destination. Fenghuang is also connected by bus to Changsha, Jishou and Huaihua.

On site, the sites of historical interest are all located at the turn of the cobblestone alleyways where street vendors sell wooden combs and other typical Chinese accessories. You must have a ticket valid for all places to see in Fenghuang: the Hong Bridge, the Phoenix statue, the ramparts, the temples and the watchtowers.

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Plan 1 or 2 days on site

Fenghuang 凤凰古城

From the bus station, take a taxi to the old city. It will cost you only 20 ¥.

Entry: Possibility to take an entry ticket at ¥ 148 which entitles you to visit 9 monuments / sites all located inside the old town.

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