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Zhangbi Underground Castle - 张壁古堡

Zhangbi Underground Castle in photos

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Zhangbi Fortress and Underground Castle is located near Jiexiu Town in Shanxi Province, north of Mian Mountain in Pingyao Region, and not far from Wang’s Family Residence.From north to south, the fortress and underground castle of Zhangbi measures 244m, while from East to West, it takes 374m long, for a total surface of nearly 100,000m2.Zhangbi Castle is a relatively classic military fortress. It was once densely covered with military mechanisms, many layers of defense. Zhangbi Castle is also composed of several superstitious objects and other architectural treasures that still intrigue archaeologists who have discovered the castle only recently. In almost every place, there are astronomical correlations.Another curiosity of the castle of Zhangbi : its in these basement, on several levels, tunnels underground for more than 5km long !The researchers date the construction of the castle to the period of the Northern and Southern dynasties (420-589), but porcelain discovered in the area seem to date from more than 6500 years.The castle remains a little visited site, so it constitutes a very original visit of the surroundings of Pingyao, that you can combine with the visit of the residence of the family Wang, much more frequented.

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