Mount Laojun (Laojunshan) 老君山

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Presentation of Mount Laojun

Located two and a half hours south-west of Luoyang, Mount Laojun is one of the most popular destinations in Henan Province. It is part of the Qinling Mountain Range, which divides China between North and South, through the respective provinces of Gansu, Shaanxi and Henan, and the Funiu Mountain Range, which flows through Shanxi Province and so Henan over 400 km. Laojun is the highest peak of the Funiu Mountains, with a height of 2217m.The mountain owes its name to the famous philosopher Lao Tzu, founder of Taoism and who resided on the mountain as hermit. A 38m high bronze statue was erected in 2010 in Laojun in his honor.If you do not feel like climbing, it’s possible to climb the gondola with a spectacular view of the region and the characteristics of the mountain: small waterfalls, green trees, rocks with original shapes … At the top from the mountain is a gilded roof pavilion attracting the majority of visitors.In addition to its spectacular landscapes with peaks of various shapes are not far from the mountain Jiguan limestone caves, more than 800 million years old. With a depth of more than 5600m and a height of 138m, they have no less than 8 different sites to visit.

Useful information

To get to Laojun, it is possible to take a bus or a private vehicle from Luoyang to Luanchuan (located just next to Laojun). Count between 2 and 3 hours of road. It is possible to go around Laojun in one day but if you plan to climb and visit the caves it is advisable to stay one night in Luanchuan, located just next to Laojunshan.

Entrance fee

From 90 ¥ (Laojun) and 75 ¥ (Jiguan)


8:30-17:00 (Laojun), 8:00-18:30 (Jiguan)

Mount Laojun (Laojunshan) 老君山 : visits around

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