The White Horse Temple - 白马寺

Temple of the white horse in photos

Description of the White Horse Temple

12 km from the city of Luoyang, the temple of the White Horse is one of the sites not to be missed during a visit to Henan. This monastery is indeed considered the cradle of Buddhism in China. Its construction goes back to the year 68 but it has been renovated several times since. The last ones date from the 1970s.The temple covers nearly 40,000 km² and is composed of several buildings. The pavilion of the Big Buddha is the main building. It houses statues of Buddha and his adepts. The roofs and porticoes of each building are impressive. The walls are carved in wood and are painted in bright colors.Other rooms worth visiting are Tian Wang Room, Dafo Room, Jie Yin Room or Da Xiong Room. Qing Liang Square is a very important place. Monks translated holy scriptures and were able to teach Buddhism to many people. Qiyun Pagoda is 250 m from the Temple. It is the oldest pagoda in China.

Useful information

Plan 2 to 3 hours for the visitTicket price : 15¥Opening hours : 8:00 to 18:00 (8am to 6pm)

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