Shuilu'an Temple

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Shuilu’an Temple

The Shuilu’an Buddhist Temple Complex is located near Lantian City in Shaanxi Province, about 60 km west of the provincial capital, Xi’an.The temple was built in the Sui Dynasty (581 A.D.-618 A.D.)Among the three original rooms of the complex, the one known as the Great Hall, or Shuilu Room, has always been the focal point of the Temple. The walls of the Shuilu Hall are decorated with more than a thousand clay figures, including sculptures of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, as well as animated relief scenes including architecture, animals and nature.The sculptures and reliefs are of great artistic quality and retain their original polychromy.For more than 150 years, water had entered the Great Hall through the pierced roof. This has caused some damage: erosion of the surfaces, detached sculptures, walls dug … Although repairs and previous renovations have been made, the continuous detachment of the sculptures is a challenge for conservation.The tourism increase and religious life in the region has drawn more attention to the temple complex, making conservation more imperative.

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