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Karakul Lake - 喀拉库勒湖

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Karakul Lake

Karakul Lake is known as “Father of Glaciers”, it is located at the foot of Mount Maztagata, at over 3600m above sea level. It has a depth of 30m and measures 100,000 square kilometers.The Kachgar road to Karakul Lake, around 200 kilometers long, takes travelers on a road with arid dune landscapes, camels and yaks. The lake appears as though it appears out of nowhere. The surface of the lake reflects the snowy peaks of Mount Muztagata.The unusual shape of the mountain, which seems to be split in two, gave birth to a legend. The story tells that a princess who lived on the Mountain was in love with the Prince of the Mountain Gogir. The princess’s father, who did not accept this romance, used a stick to separate the two mountains that were actually connected, and thus separated the couple. The princess, overwhelmed by grief, did not stop crying and her tears turned into glaciers.It is possible to go for hikes and walks around the lake. Summer is particularly pleasant with the blooming flowers, the fresh air and the mild temperatures. It is possible to go around the lake in a good day’s walk and also to spend the night inside some Kazakh yurts.

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