The Guangzhou Tower 广州塔

The Guangzhou Tower in photos

Presentation of the Tower

High of more than 600 meters with the antenna on are summit, it is the highest television tower in China. Its design is the result of a competition held in 2004 and won by Mark Hemel and Barbara Kuit. Its construction was completed in 2010. It offers a magnificent view of Guangzhou from the observation floors on the 107th and 108th floor. You can also find several restaurants, a hotel, entertainment center …

Composition of the tower

From the base of the tower up to about thirty meters you can find a large open-air square on the 2nd floor that offers a nice view of the Zhui River. There is also a café, restaurant, wedding hall, conference room, souvenir shops …In the middle of the tower, you will be able to dazzle the view in a large cinema 4D or observing the panorama from the observation floors. You will also find one of the longest spiral stairs, almost 1000 meters long. This staircase will offer you a view of the city around you and some parts are made of a completely transparent floor that will test if you have a good heart.The upper part of the tower contains:

  • The observation stages at 107 and 108.
  • A Ferris wheel which is a carousel made up of 16 glass cabins and which turns elliptically on the roof at more than 450 meters.
  • The sky drop at 485 meters
  • The observation centers 450 and 488. For thrill-seekers, the highest point of view is at 488 meters and offers a panoramic view of Guangzhou City.

Some figures on the Guangzhou Tower

  • It took 6 years of construction.
  • The tower is 600 meters high including the antenna at the top.
  • The tower sinks 10 meters into the ground.
  • It is composed of almost 9000 windows.
  • The maximum diameter is 60 meters and the minimum diameter is 30 meters.
  • It took 40,000 tons of steel and 150,000 cubic meters of concrete for its construction.
  • The antenna measures 150 meters.

Useful information

Subway line 3, stop at th Guangzhou Tower station and take exit A. Many buses can also drop you there as well as lines 4 & 8 of the tramway.Tickets

  • For observation platforms: ¥ 150 per adult and ¥ 75 for children between 1.2 and 1.5m.
  • Observation Center 450: 90 ¥
  • Observation Center 488: ¥ 280
  • Ferris wheel at the top: 180 ¥
  • Sky drop: 180 ¥

ScheduleSchedules vary slightly according to the attractions but the whole tower is usually open from 9:30 to 22:00.

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