Nine Streams 九溪烟树

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Presentation of the Nine Streams

If Hangzhou is considered by many to be one of the most charming and romantic cities in China, it is because nature occupies a very important place. If Xihu Lake is the number one attraction, its area offers other equally charming shows. For proof, the path of the nine streams of the misty forest that sinks deep in the region of natural parks west of the city.Between forest and tea plantations, small streams and temples cut off from the world, this one offers a more than welcome alternative when one knows the lake of Xihu being the most frequented place of the city. Here, no crowds to avoid and it is precisely one of the most valuable aspects when walking there: silence and calm reign supreme on the spot. From the beginning of the trail and deep into the forest, the serenity that invades the atmosphere will delight people looking for a little peace, especially when we know China (especially on the east coast) teeming of activities and world.It’s crossing streams, tea plantations and forest that you will find in the deepest of the latter Li’an temple (geographically located in the center of the natural park), where you will have the opportunity to experience a silence in adequation with the spirituality of the place, a soothing parenthesis more than welcome in a trip that has taken care to bring you to places so animated until then.

Practical information

To access the entrance to the Nine Stream Road, you can first go to Hangzhou South Bus Station (located next to Wujiang Road Metro Station) and take the 514, 334, 39 or 595 buses that will take you 3 stops later. Other buses pass through this stop, such as buses 280, 291, 202, 324 and 808, which are free and open all day.Allow at least 2 hours to complete the tour, or more if you decide to explore further into the forest and tea plantations.

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