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Located just south of Xihu Lake, Taiziwan is a popular Chinese park with almost a thousand years of history behind it. It was indeed during the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279) that it was chosen as the burial place of two princes for the solemnity and calm inspired by the place, hence the name Taiziwan 太子 湾 (Prince’s Bay).The main attraction of the park is its flora. This one is known for its abundance of flowers. From late March to the end of April, more than 300,000 of them (tulips …) hatch, creating a mosaic of colors quite spectacular. This is also the period when cherry trees and apple trees are in bloom.Because of its proximity to the lakes of the Xihu region, the park is naturally crossed by rivers, which allowed the construction of bridges, pavilions …If the park has the characteristics of a traditional Chinese garden, it also adopts certain aesthetic codes from the West. Thus, a small church and a mill were built on the premises. They help to reinforce the romanticism of the park, which now attracts many young couples wishing to marry in this special setting.

Practical information

To get to Taiziwan, you can take a multitude of buses to Jingsi station 净寺站 which is located just next to the park: buses 315, 31 (weekdays) 334, 4, 51, 52, 822, 87, 2/Y2, 6/Y6, 287, 287, 291, 31.Free admissionSchedules: all day long

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