Wuhou Temple

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Wuhou Temple

This cultural and religious group dedicated to the time of the three kingdoms (168-280) includes the exhibition hall on this period, the tomb of Emperor Liu Bei and a mausoleum in memory of strategist Zhugeliang. There are many statues of epic heroes and objects of everyday life in these times.The whole is surrounded by small alleys, lakes and groves. Nanjiao Park and Jinli Street are just on the sides.Liu Bei was the emperor of Shu State during the Three Kingdoms era and Zhuge Liang his military advisor who succeeded him on the throne on his death. The latter is admired throughout China as a model of loyalty and wisdom, he died on the battlefield where he was buried in Shaanxi.Ticket Price: 60 yuan / personAccess: By taxi for 8 yuan from downtown Chengdu. Bus No. 1 or 82 from downtown.

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