Daocheng and the Yading Reserve

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Daocheng and the Yading reserve

At the crossroads of northern Yunnan and the vast highland meadows of kham, Daocheng Valley offers landscapes of gentle hills covered with small Tibetan hamlets and wheat crops where villagers and peaceful yaks are busy.The surrounding area of this small town offers several other sites of interest: the hot springs, the Maji temple, the river to the north of the city and the surrounding countryside.The Yading Reserve, not really known by foreign visitors, has remained in a preserved natural setting because traffic and buildings are very controlled. Depending on your tastes, you can go on horseback or on foot, in one or more days.Lakes and meadows surrounded by peaks blooming with 6000 meters constitute a majestic landscape inviting humility (and unforgettable trekking!). Chenrezig (6032m), Jambeyag (5958m) and Chanadorje (5958m). A trek / pilgrimage around the Chenrezig is possible.Ticket price: About 130 yuan / personAccess: Possible visit from April to October. Bus from Zhongdian, Litang, Kangding and Chengdu.

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