Chuandixia - 爨底下

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If you wish to visit traditional courses dating from the Ming and Qing dynasties, we recommend visiting the village of Chuandixia, located 90 km from Beijing. Allow at least 2 hours to make this trip by bus or taxi. This village contains centuries and centuries of history. You can see authentic homes and understand the traditional culture very simply.Chuandixia is a village in the middle of the mountains which is full of greenery. The trees create shaded areas where it is very pleasant to spend a relaxing time. There are many birds singing. Straight off Beijing, you will clearly feel like you are in a different world for a day.The village of Chuandixia became very important during the Qing Dynasty because it was very well located for the coal trade. Today, the effervescence has calmed down and the tourists take pleasure to wander in the middle of these 70 small houses. The tradition is that 4 small houses surround a courtyard. These courses are cleverly made of small tiles and there is still a typical atmosphere of the old Beijing era.In addition to these traditional houses, visiting the local temple is also worth a visit. You will be able to see the inhabitants of the village praying. In one day, you will have plenty of time to visit the village of Chuandixia but it is possible to spend a night with the locals to discover a traditional Chinese way of life.

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