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Place Tian‘anmen - 天安门广场

Tian An Men Square Photos

Presentation of Tian An Men Square in Beijing

Located right in the center of Beijing, Tian An Men Square is the fourth largest square in the world. A must in the Chinese capital. It became infamous after the events of 1989. In fact, many demonstrations demanding political reforms took place, denouncing in particular the corruption of the Chinese government, causing several hundred victims.

Most tourists visit Tiananmen Square on the same day as the Forbidden City. In a morning or an afternoon, it is possible to visit these two sites. Tian An Men Square is a huge stretch of pavement measuring 880 meters by 500 and an area of ​​40 hectares. It is said that this rectangular square could accommodate 1 million visitors at a time!

In the middle of Tiananmen Square is the Heroes Monument. This obelisk, 38 meters high, symbolizes the victory of the communists. It has become such a symbol for the Chinese that it is now almost obligatory to pass in front of the goal during the visit. Another monument not to be missed during your visit to the famous square: the Mausoleum of Mao Zedong. The sculptures at the entrance are a real masterpiece. A word of advice: come and see the Mausoleum in the morning to witness the raising of the Chinese flag. A visit to the People’s Assembly Palace and the National Museum of China are also two other sites of interest for history buffs.

To get to Tiananmen Square, there are several options: bus, subway, taxi, car or even on foot. The visit to the square is free, with the exception of the Heroes Monument, which costs 15 Yuan. Opening hours vary depending on the sunrise and sunset, so check before you go on site.

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