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The Hutong of Beijing - 北京胡同

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Presentation of Beijing Hutong

Beijing’s Hutongs are a maze of ancient streets that date back more than 800 years. Unfortunately, their numbers are falling very quickly to make room for modern buildings and other shopping centers.

The Hutongs consist of Siheyuan lines (houses with inner square courtyard). The siheyuan join together forming the Hutongs. Each alley can include about a hundred houses, and the open courtyards are connected by galleries. It is pleasant to get lost in the Hutong to discover scenes of daily life in Beijing.

This labyrinth of alleys has kept a Beijing soul that is evaporating more and more. Despite a protection plan, Hutong disappear every day. The areas still spared are the Tambour and Bell Tower and the Sichahai.

Bicycle is ideal to visit the hutongs, but it is also very pleasant by foot.

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