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Jujing Village 菊径村

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Similar to Sixi and Yancun in the architecture of the houses (white walls, bluish roofs), Jujing stands out by the way the village was laid out: voluntarily rounded. So rounded that it was voted “the roundest village in China”. Jujing is a very small but very pretty village, which enjoys the mists from the surrounding mountains, especially in autumn. Platforms surrounding the village allow to observe it in full. In the evening, the village elders may release some fireworks.

Surrounded by small wooden bridges, misty hills and clear water rivers, the setting in which the village is located can leave you dreaming. But Jujing itself has arguments to make: the combination of traditional Hui-style houses with green mountains and rivers around creates a very poetic atmosphere. An old calm and solemn village which it is advisable to visit.

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