Ganzi - 甘孜

Pictures of Ganzi in Kham Region


Important Tibetan city at the crossroads of trade routes, Ganzi reflects the changes in Tibetan society. You can hear speak Tibetan as well as Chinese, pilgrims rub shoulders with young people hanging on their laptops and stores sell both cheap synthetic jackets and yak skins.The city is dominated by the snowy peaks of the Chola Mountains, behind which the sun is setting, literally igniting the landscape.

What to visite at Ganzi?

Ganzi Monastery

Ganzi Monastery dates back to the 16th century and has several main halls, one of which houses hundreds of golden statues of Sakyamuni Buddha. A multitude of adjoining rooms can be visited depending on the mood of the monks and any ceremonies.Among them are yak butter sculptures, ceremonial masks, a statue of Matreya Buddha or a real arsenal of firearms and blunt weaponsTicket price: 10 yuanAccess: Bus from Dege, Kangding, Manigango, Danba among others.

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