Hailuoguo Glacier - 海螺沟冰川

Pictures of Hailuogou Glacier

Hailuogou Glacier

Majestic glacier that is said to be one of the lowest in Asia, the Hailuogou is making its way through a rare ecosystem.This glacier descending from Gonggashan (Sichuan’s highest peak at 7556 meters) has dug the rocky sides of its bed and is surrounded by rounded cliffs and primary forests.Depending on the chosen option, you can reach the ice level by bus and then on foot or by cable car. It is also possible to spend a relaxing night in a spa complex to bask in the multiple pools fed by hot springs.Trekkers may also be attracted to other parts of Gonggashan offering adventures of a few days.Ticket price: About 130 yuan/personAccès: Possible visit from April to October. Bus from Zhongdian, Lithang, Kangding and Chengdu.

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