Yihun Lhatso lake - 新路海

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Yihun Lhatso Lake

Also known by its Tibetan name “Yihun Lhatso”, this beautiful lake with turquoise blue waters is sacred to the Tibetan folk who engraved mantras on the rocks bordering it.A river crossing pastures populated by Yaks, borders it on the one hand. On the other hand, forests of different species giving off intoxicating smells descend to the water where the strains come to form strange submerged statues.The shore has some amazing sandy beaches.The entire landscape is dominated by the imposing Chola (or Que’ershan) mountains flanked by glaciers whose melt feeds the lake. There are various hiking routes, some on horseback.Ticket price: 20 yuanAccess: It is between Manigango and Dege. We go there by bus from Ganzi and Dege. By motorcycle for 25 Yuan or taxi from Manigango.

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