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Emei Shan Mountain - 峨眉山

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Emei Shan Mountain

Culminating at 3099 meters above sea level, Emei Shan Mountain is one of the four sacred Buddhist mountains of China. It is, however, 1,000 meters higher than the other three. It can be accessed from Leshan City in Sichuan Province. The 28 kilometers that separate the city from the mountain can be traveled by bus or car. Trains departing from Chengdu and Kunming leave travelers close to the Mountain. Although the summit is accessible in 1 day on foot or by cable car, it is advisable to spend 3 days in Emei Shan to be able to explore less touristy spots.The ascent of this mysterious mountain leads to the discovery of several temples, the most impressive of which is that of the village of Baoguo but there are in total a dozen temples to see. They are considered small pieces of jade strewn along the mountain where nearly 7,000 relics are conversed. Pure nature lovers will also enjoy the beautiful sunrise early in the morning and the sea of clouds visible at the elephant bathing pond.Note that hiking on the Emei Shan Mountain is not always easy. It is not a question of small paths but especially of stairs … About 66 000 … It will be necessary to arm yourself with walking sticks and patience on some paths at the foot of the mount where the tourists are very numerous. There are a lot of monkeys in the area. They are not used to being aggressive but it is still not be recommended to approach too closely.

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Ticket price: 120 yuan; round trip bus: 60 yuan ;round trip cable car: 70 yuanAccess: Bus from Xinnanmen Station at Chengdu.

Where to sleep in Emei Shan?

Staying in a good hotel is one of the first fruits of a successful vacation. Indeed, a good accommodation can make your vacation even more exceptional … like a bad one can spoil a stay.Known for its sacred mountain, Emei Shan is full of places to stay. You’ll get something for every budget, from small B & Bs with unparalleled charm to the large luxury hotels in the city center, near the main sites to visit, or in the surrounding countryside. That’s why we have selected for you the best Emei Shan Hotels, mixing comfort and quality of services.

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