Quanzhou 泉州

The city of Quanzhou in photos

Presentation of the city of Quanzhou

On the banks of the Jin River, Quanzhou stands out as one of the largest merchant ports in China, which today reflects the economic development of the country. It is also one of the most famous historical and cultural cities of China.The city can easily be visited on foot through the shopping streets. Most of Quanzhou’s tourist attractions cluster in the city center.

What to do in Quanzhou?

Kaiyuan Temple

It is the largest Buddhist temple in Fujian Province, built in 685, and renamed several times thereafter.The entire Kaiyuan Temple complex is approximately 78,000 square meters.The Kaiyuan Temple is composed of several buildings including Tianwang Hall, Daxiong Palace, Temple of Sweet Dew, Sutra Depository, Sutra Hall, two large stone pagodas and many other buildings. Many historical and cultural remains are preserved.

Qingjing Mosque

The Qingjing Mosque, also known as the Ashab Mosque, is located in the center of Tumen Street in Quanzhou. The mosque, built and repaired by Arab Muslims, reflects the friendship and cultural exchange between China and the Arab countries. It is one of the oldest Islamic temples in the country.

The Puppet Museum

The small museum looks back at the history and processes of making puppets. This is an ancestral art very popular in China. It takes many years of training to hope to acquire the methods to ensure the particular gesture of the puppets.

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