Wuyishan Mountain 武夷山

Wuyishan Mountain in photos

Presentation of the Wuyishan Mountain Range

The Wuyi Mountain Range (Wuyishan) is located in the north of China’s Fujian Province. This natural reserve, with its magnificent landscapes, is home to innumerable cascades of pure water, monumental and spectacularly erected stones and deep valleys dug in the rock such as the Nest in the Clouds, the Paradise Peak, and the basin of Fairies … On the spot, it is possible to make a beautiful bamboo raft ride on the river of the Nine Meanders, also to visit the Wuyi Palace, the ancient Song lanes and the Garden of Spring.You can also discover the famous panoramas of Tigre Rock and other geological curiosities with poetic names! Continuation to the ancient Yong Temple and the Blessed Buddha, then to the tea valley where tea plantations unique in the world nestle. In a natural setting, on the side of rocky cliffs, is produced a very particular type of wulong with distant origins: the “rocks teas” (yan cha). Attend a tea ceremony with tasting.

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