Dazhangshan and Wolong Gorge

Presentation of Dazhangshan Organic Tea Fields and Wolong Gorge

Due to its humid climate and mountainous terrain, Wuyuan is a favorable environment for tea cultivation. Located 43 km north of Wuyuan City, Dazhang Mountain (Dazhangshan) produced green tea that seduced emperors of the Tang, Ming and Qing Dynasties.

If the quality of Dazhang tea is now recognized worldwide, it is because farmers have striven to respect the traditions that require environmentally friendly cultivation and the plantations themselves. This implies that no pesticides or chemical agents are used to grow Dazhang tea. It was during the 1990s that Dazhang tea was certified as organic, which greatly helped producers to export their tea now worldwide (80% of which in Europe). Dazhang is today one of the rare cases of fair trade in China, a concept applied to producers who have seen their living conditions improved over time.

Rising to more than 1600 m, Dazhangshan overlooks the region and offers a breathtaking view of it. Dazhang impresses both with its natural beauty and with local traditions that locals strive to preserve.

The Wolong Gorges are part of this landscape dominated by nature, landscape whose valley offers a different face each season. Steep cliffs, dozens of waterfalls, ponds … The grandeur of nature impresses in Dazhangshan, which proves to be an unmissable part of the region.

Practical Informations

From Wuyuan Bus Station, guests can catch a bus to Dazhangshan (service from 06:00 to 16:30).Time: 8: 30-17: 00Entrance (single): 60 ¥ (free for children under 1m20)Admission multiple (5 days): 250 ¥ for an adult, 105 ¥ for a child between 1m20 and 1m50, free for children under 1m20.This type of entrance, in addition to containing Sixi and Yancun, also includes the entrance of no less than 14 sites in the region: villages, valley, mountains, lake …

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