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Rainbow Bridge 彩虹桥

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Presentation of Rainbow Bridge

Like the villages of Sixi and Yancun, this bridge was built during the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279) around 1137, and is about 20 kilometers north of Wuyuan City. 140 meters long, it is one of the most impressive covered bridges in all of China and offers a great view of the region: to stop there to rest allows to appreciate Wuyuan in all its splendor.

The bridge takes its name from the fact that at the time of its opening to the passage of the villagers, while they sought to give it a name, a rainbow would have appeared, symbol of happiness and good fortune which encouraged thus to cross with the hope that their wishes come true.

In addition to having a beautiful setting, between green mountains and clear water rivers, the Rainbow Bridge is a technical feat, mounted so that it is viable and easy to pass on to future generations. Built on the widest part of the river, its pontoon and the stones used for its construction are mounted so that the bridge can withstand the waves of the river and the rising waters. This bridge is in a way a material witness to the wisdom (technical and spiritual) of the ancient Chinese dynasties. A veritable vestige that has successfully survived the passage of time, it is proof that the combination of human culture and the natural environment in which they live is bound to remain immaculate.

Because it is a covered bridge, it embodies a break or shelter more than welcome in case of hot weather and rain.

Practical Informations  

From Wuyuan Bus Station, guests can catch a bus and get off at the Rainbow Bridge station (service from 6:00 to 16:30).

Opening hours: 8: 00-17: 30Admission (single): ¥ 60 (free for children under 1m20)

Admission multiple (5 days): 250 ¥ for an adult, 105 ¥ for a child between 1m20 and 1m50, free for children under 1m20. This type of entrance, in addition to containing Sixi and Yancun, also includes the entrance of no less than 14 sites in the region: villages, valley, mountains, lake …

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